If we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals we are going to have to step up our efforts in agri-food research and innovation, to turn knowledge into impact.

The Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) was created to bring together science and society to transform agri-food research and innovation around the world.

GCARD is about promoting investment and building partnership, capacities and mutual accountabilities at all levels of the agri-food system.

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Well, the Global Event is off to a great start! For full coverage of last night’s events click here, this site will be updated daily with summaries and photos.

Keep an eye on the GFAR Blog for coverage of the day’s sessions from our roving team of social media reporters.

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We’re also live streaming on YouTube, all the sessions in the plenary room will be streamed live. Breakaway sessions will also be captured and will go up after the session. The GFAR broadcast will be available 24-hours a day until Friday, 8 April 2016.

Full background on this and past events can be found here: http://www.gfar.net/gcard/about-gcard3

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